Following today’s disturbing revelation that 7% of Americans believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows, we took to Watsonia Road this afternoon to make sure that Australians are a little more knowledgable when it comes to the origin of certain food and beverage. In the study, conducted by the Innovation Centre of US Dairy, apparently 48% of Americans had no idea where chocolate milk came from. 

So we hit the street with genuine confidence that we could at least beat that figure, picking five random people and asking them “Where does chocolate milk come from?” These were their answers:

Bev (Watsonia): Well it’s cows of course, like all our other milk. And we just add a bit of chocky, either at home from the Milo tin or in the magical Big M factory. 

Karen (Macleod): Um, cows. Where else would it come from?

Baz (Greensborough): Normally the servo, but sometimes the supermarket if I’ve got more time.

Rick (Watsonia North): I usually get mine from the top bakery.

Vanessa (Rosanna): Is this a trick question? Are you trying to sell me something?

So there it is, we’re clearly smarter than Americans. Well done Watsy!