Just over two weeks into winter, a lifelong Melbournian has expressed his annual surprise at the fact that winter gets cold. Arriving at work this morning after a brisk walk from the train station, Brad Anderson, bemused colleagues with a five-minute monologue about how cold it was outside.

Anderson, who has lived in Melbourne for the majority of his 47 years on earth, seems to forget every year that a Melbourne winter means cold mornings, and may require a jacket and scarf for walks to and from the train station. His colleagues at a large insurance agency in the CBD have noticed Anderson’s weather-related amnesia, and now hold a sweep each June to predict which day of the month he’ll enter the office and bore them all with his weather chat. 

This morning’s winner was Steve Donaldson, who correctly picked Tuesday 20 June out of the hat a few weeks ago. According to Donaldson, “it’s been a running joke for a few years now, and this is the third year of the sweep. I studied the form and took a punt with the 20th. I’ve known Brad for about six years now, so I have a reasonable understanding of his mind. With the late summers we’ve been having, I decided to go right into June this year and it’s paid dividends.”