A group of Melbourne footballers have been filmed playing credit card roullette in a cafe during the same week we’ve heard they will receive a well-earned pay rise next season. Credit card roullette involves dining with a group of friends before all placing your credit cards into a hat for the waiter to pluck one out and decide who pays for the entire bill. You can view the video here.

While many of us play credit card roullette in our own wallets or purses, wondering which account will have enough money to pay for our smashed avocado and almond latte, professional sportspeople often play the game as a group, in between discussing where to buy their third investment property before they turn 30. The game of credit card roullette was first popularised in the United States, where athletes haul in even bigger salaries, and no doubt spend a similar percentage of their income on expensive dog breeds and fancy cars. 

It was announced late yesterday that AFL players have agreed to a new collective bargaining agreement that will see clubs increase their player payments by upwards of 20 percent. And while we understand they are elite athletes providing a premium product, we’re unsure how Ty Vickery deserves a 20 percent boost to his rumoured $500,000 a year salary.