An old lady has delivered a stinging rebuke to a charity spruiker at Greensborough Plaza after being pestered one too many times on her weekly shop. The lady, Doris Anderson, was doing her regular Thursday grocery shop when she was encouraged by a charity worker to make a donation to yet another worthy cause as she pushed her trolley out of Coles towards the undercover car park. 

When the fresh faced and enthusiastic young man stepped in front of Anderson and said “how’s your day been?” it’s unlikely that he was expecting such a swift and terse response from the seemingly nice old lady. Anderson looked up from her feet and said, “my day has been just fine thank you Sonny Jim … until you stepped in my way. No I will not give you any money for whatever it is you are peddling today. If you want to raise some money, why don’t you open an Op Shop like the rest of us did, and get out of my face.”  

The young man was initially shocked by the exchange, but later admitted that it was a nice diversion from the usual responses of pretending to look busy or telling him to go forth and multiply.