Ice companies concede that local sport basically keeps them afloat in the winter months when people have less BBQs and pack less eskys. While the ice industry is still very much a seasonal beast, the winter hibernation is slightly eased by the need for amateur athletes to ice a wide variety of injuries. 

When asked about the otherwise quiet winter months, a local ice salesman said, “while the winter months are naturally a time of low sales, the weekly graph of sales has a clear peak on Saturday mornings, as trainers all over the state attend the local servo to stock up on a couple of bags of ice. At some outlets, these Saturday morning sales are the only sales for the whole week.”

Some industry insiders have indicated that this Saturday morning spike is solely responsible for ice companies continuing to produce and sell ice from May to August. The same salesman said, “It’s not quite the halcyon days of summer when bags of ice lie on pallets in the hot sun on peak days, but it’s enough for us to make ends meet. We salute those suburban warriors for putting their bodies on the line each weekend.”