Johnathan Thurston etched yet another impressive moment onto his long list of achievements as one of the greatest Rugby League players of all time last night when he calmly slotted a game-winning conversion from a tight angle to secure a Queensland victory in Game 2 of this year’s State of Origin series against NSW. However, a quick survey of Victorians this morning revealed that most of us still just know him as that guy with the heaps cool laugh.

In addition to having an oddly spelt first name, Thurston has forged an impressive career, winning almost every accolade and trophy available in the game. Last night, despite suffering a nasty shoulder injury in the first half, Thurston refused to leave the field and then found himself hovering over the ball in the dying moments of the game with a difficult conversion to make. As the nation, well mainly NSW and Queensland, held its collective breath, he methodically analysed the kick before curving it through to secure a come-from-behind Maroons victory. You can see the kick here.

This morning, at water coolers around Victoria, the rare State of Origin devotees tried in vain to explain to their colleagues the enormity of Thurston’s heroic effort. Hardcore fan Ben Linden left the tea room shaking his head after a brief discussion with work mates, including one comment from Belinda in HR who said, “oh is that that guy with the long hair? Yeah I’ve seen him on The Project, he’s got a really funny laugh. I love that guy.”