A Fiat billboard on display above a Kew service station has instantly become a case study for target marketing after advertisers confirmed that it will never be seen outside a 10 kilometre radius of the Melbourne CBD. The billboard, which features a supposedly fashionable man standing in front of a Fiat has polarised Melbournians, with the most passionate responses coming from commuters heading into the city from the outer suburbs.

Yesterday, we took an image of the billboard to the streets of Watsonia to see what the locals thought of the fashion statement being made by the man standing in front of the Fiat. The reactions were overwhelming negative, with only one respondent having anything positive to say about the look. 91-year-old great grandmother Ethel Jones said, “oh, I think it’s quite fetching actually. I like the colours. Very nice.” 

Yet Ethel was a log amongst sticks, with other responses ranging from “is this a joke – he looks like a bloody dickhead” to “I hope he gets in that car, crashes it into a tree, and a raging inferno destroys him and that disgusting outfit”. Shane Miller said, “If I wore that down to the local pub to have a beer with my mates they would tear me apart. Hell, forget about what my mates would say or do to me if I wore that in public, if I just wore it around the house my missus would beat the shit out of me.”