Management at a local chicken store have confirmed they had a tamper-proof sign installed after decades of vandalism had them falsely advertising as “Red Rooter”. For much of the 1990s and 2000s, the Red Rooster in Greensborough experienced damage to the “s” in its sign, leading a generation of youths to be confused about the actual name of the restaurant. 

For many years the sign would be damaged, no matter how many times management paid for a new “s”, to the point where they just gave up and accepted their fate. It became a quasi tourist attraction in the area, with most locals never referring to it by its proper name. 

But now management have discovered tamper-proof signage, in addition to taking the “red” out of “Red Rooster”, and the restaurant has been properly named for almost five years. This is despite numerous attempts by local youths to replicate the efforts of their forebears. According to one wannabe vandal, “We’ve tried everything man, rocks, sticks, bricks, sometimes we even climb on the roof to have a go, but that thing is fricking bulletproof. I feel like we’re letting down those blessed jerks that came before us. The busted sign used to be an icon!”