A previously passionate supporter of a new rail link between Melbourne’s airport and its CBD has changed her opinion on the matter, admitting that it has very little relevance to her life. Greensborough woman, Bec Fraser, changed her mind on the issue after the recent announcement that the federal government is keen on a train line to ferry passengers from the airport to the city

Fraser’s about face on the topic came after the realisation that there is already a reliable bus service for the route, and that she’s highly unlikely to catch a train all the way into the city to then pay inflated prices for a train to Tullamarine. Speaking about the proposal she said, “It just doesn’t make sense. Skybus pretty much serves the exact same purpose, and it’s already in place. If you don’t already use the bus service, it’s highly unlikely you’ll use the train service. So why is there this public obsession with having a train line to the airport? Turnbull is just clutching for a few cheap votes.” 

Her new view on the matter is quiet a change from her previous opinion which centred around the fact that lots of other places have a train line from their airport to their CBD. She used to regularly refer to European cities she’d never actually been to, and occasionally even dragged Brisbane into the argument. Her Facebook friends are reportedly relieved that she’s jumped off the train bandwagon, due to her active clicktivism on the topic, and her occasionally ranty posts.