In what residents from some suburbs would describe as a glut of options, Watsonia is home to four separate pizza shops, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, and all within a 550-metre stretch of road. While many Watsonians are secretly proud of the broad range, and have aligned themselves to their own personal preference accordingly, few know the true story behind why there are so many pizza stores in Watsonia. 

Following an in-depth investigation into the reason behind this cheese laden blessing, The Watsonia Bugle can now reveal that the provision of four pizza restaurants is actually written into the Watsonian Constitution. While few know of the Constitution’s existence, it plays an important role in the every day life of all Watsonia residents. 

Originally created by Watsonia’s founding father, Charles Watson, back in 1853, the Watsonian Constitution has had many iterations since its original drafting. In addition to being a well-travelled pastoralist, Charles was a visionary, and it was his vision that helped to produce the thriving metropolis we all enjoy today. 

In one of his many overseas expeditions, Charles spent time in Italy and fell in love with pizza, and the broad range available in many of the towns and villages in “Lo Stivale”. When he returned to his lands north of Melbourne, Charles immediately redrafted the Constitution to say, “By ye time in which ye settlement of ‘Watsonialand’ has been subdivided and local merchants commence the buying and selling of provisions, there must be a vast range of pizzerias on ye Main Street. Such a range will encourage healthy competition between merchants and a satisfication of all tastes.”

Therefore, it was the bold foresight of our founding father that paved the way for wonderful choice and variety we are spoilt with today.