Someone’s mum has commandeered the dance floor at a local wedding during the playing of Tina Turner’s “Nutbush City Limits”. In an, at times, heated display, the woman verbally critiqued the dancing technique of all on the dance floor, occasionally stopping mid-Nutbush to provide one-on-one tutoring for dancers she felt were not up to the required standard.  

Speaking today, the bride from the wedding claims that this over officious mother took some shine off the bride and groom’s big day. The bride said, “I thought the number one rule of weddings was to not outshine the bride. Now, she didn’t necessarily outshine me in the traditional sense, but all anyone has spoken about today is this mad woman taking over the dance floor and telling people off for not knowing how to Nutbush. It’s just not on.” 

“I mean who cares if my 15-year-old cousin doesn’t know how to dance a dance that was invented almost 30 years before he was born? Nobody’s talking about my hair, or my shoes, or the table decorations. They just keep going on about that crazy wannabe Nutbush coach.”