The homepage for The Age is kidding no one by putting the Sport section at the very bottom of its pecking order. For a long time now, the Sport section has sat very low on the homepage, and is currently sitting dead last, under such vital sections as Drive (a thinly veiled advertisement page), Traveller (a thinly veiled advertisement page), and well below a section called “Stream” (a hardly thinly veiled advertisement page). 

The low placement of Sport is in stark contrast to the fact that individual articles relating to sport often sit very high on the homepage, including regularly being the main image. Motivations for the positioning of Sport are unclear, leaving us to boldly assume that it’s a failed attempt to seem too high brow to delight in such frivolous activities as sport – even in a sports-obsessed nation like Australia. 

Direct competitor the Herald Sun accepts the role sport plays in the nation’s heart by placing it much higher on their homepage, but please don’t take that as an endorsement from The Watsonia Bugle. We trust that you come to us first for all of your important news.