Iconic Australian figure Plucka Duck, is reportedly planning an even more epic stunt than last year’s wild skateboard down a large and picturesque mountain side. Last summer’s effort, majestically captured on camera for an advertisement for fried chicken, caught the attention of an Australian public who had heard or seen very little from the large duck in recent years. 

Plucka seems to have been buoyed by his returning celebrity and is now believed to be planning to barefoot waterski down the crocodile-infested Adelaide River in the Northern Territory. Whilst the idea initially seems tame for an accomplished stuntman like Plucka, the risk is quite substantial considering that many tour operators hand feed the local crocs with similarly feathered birds. 

Health authorities in the NT are said to be less than pleased by the idea, hence the secrecy from Team Duck around the stunt. One authority said, “it’s the bloody stupidest thing I’ve ever heard mate. Those crocs are born killers, plus they’ve been conditioned to go for feathered prey by years of hand feeding from the tour boat operators. If old mate Plucka tried this stunt he’ll be dead meat for sure.”