Two Greensborough parents are reportedly shocked and ashamed after images were beamed onto television of their daughter amongst supporter group the Fanatics at the current Wimbledon tennis tournament in London. Greensborough 24-year-old Kate Griffen is currently on a working holiday in London, and had excitedly informed her parents that she has tickets for the first two days of Wimbledon. 

But what seemed like some innocent fun to Kate’s parents has now turned into something much more sinister after they spotted her covered in green and gold and chanting amongst a large group of undesirables. Kate’s parents said, “we just can’t believe our beautiful little daughter could get caught up in this. When she told us she had tickets to Wimbledon we put the kettle on and stayed up late to see if we could spot her in the crowd. When we saw her amongst that maddened throng, slathered in green and gold, we simultaneously spat our cuppas out onto the floor.”

What started as an admirable group of sports lovers wanting to support Aussie athletes competing at international events has become a haven for deluded patriots who want a legitimised banner under which they can act like morons in public under the guise of supporting Australia’s cause on the world stage. The group has stooped as low as to support equally moronic Australians Bernard Tomic and Nick Kyrgios, all under the supposedly safe construct of flying the flag of our otherwise fair nation. And they now attend just about any event that even slightly legitimises the opportunity to dress up and act like a dickhead in public, including Oktoberfest and the running of the bulls at Pamplona. 

According to Mr and Mrs Griffen, “We have made several attempts to contact her but she won’t return our calls. She knows we wouldn’t approve of this. But if you’re listening Kate, we’re not mad, we just want you back honey. Everything is going to be okay.”