A local football team, the Watsonia Wombats, upset their small yet loyal group of fans after failing to take the field for last Saturday’s game. Club officials later admitted that the embarrassing no-show occurred after the team accidentally included an entire team of players who live by the superstition of wanting to be the last player to leave the changerooms before a game. 

Considering the number of footballers who claim to be so superstitious that they must leave the changerooms last, it’s surprising that this hasn’t happened earlier. The game was eventually deemed a forfeit by the umpires after their repeated requests for the Wombats to enter the playing field were ignored. 

Speaking in the aftermath of the game, Wombats Club President, Ken Smithson, said “I just couldn’t believe it to be honest. It’s every club’s nightmare scenario, but we normally try to take these quirks into account when selecting our teams. It wasn’t until the morning of the game that someone pointed out we had an entire team or ‘leave laters’. We figured that at least the majority would just accept that they had to leave the rooms a fraction earlier than usual, but that wasn’t the case. In an ironic way, I’m actually proud of their steadfast commitment to their values.”