Following our exposé earlier this week on the amount of money that careless flame-haired child Norman Price is costing the fire department in the small Welsh town of Pontypandy, a number of our readers have contacted us with juicy conspiracy theories regarding the reason behind Fireman Sam’s tolerance for such a dimwitted moron. The theory centres around Norman’s seemingly absent father and the correlation between Norman and Fireman Sam’s hair colour. 

Readers are alleging that Fireman Sam is actually Norman’s father, after a one night stand with Norman’s mother at the end of a big night out on the turps. According to Greg Francis of Watsonia, “it’s actually pretty obvious I reckon, I mean why else would he be so patient with that intolerable little ranga?”

The new theory is yet to be confirmed by the creators of the popular children’s show, but it seems to make sense. One reader even ran a bit further with the theory, suggesting that Norman had struck a deal with Fireman Sam to create extra work so Sam can continue to live in the otherwise quiet Welsh village. Rob Davis said, “as if a little village like that needs such a well-equipped fire service. I bet Norman is in partnership with Sam to keep creating work so that the fire station doesn’t lose funding.”