The fact that a high profile NSW rugby league side is being sponsored by the flagship product from Victoria is a subtle admission that decent beer is not produced north of the Murray River. The Victoria Bitter logo has a very prominent place on the shirts of the NSW players in the current State of Origin series between NSW and Queensland, of which the final game is being played tonight. 

The seemingly odd choice of sponsor came after an extensive search of decent beer in NSW returned no suitable brand, so VB threw a giant wad of cash onto the bare table. The VB triumph is a big win for Victorians who spent many years in the early- to mid-2000s enduring pubs that had aggressive Tooheys sponsorships which forced punters to drink what was essentially alcohol-infused cat urine. 

One Victorian, William Fraser, said “revenge is a dish best served cold mate. Those arseholes from Tooheys ruined a lot of decent Victorian pubs back in the day, and now their beloved NSW rugby team has been stamped by the might of Victoria. It was a long battle, but I think we can finally claim victory!”