QUEENSLAND: Considering that it’s Origin Day in the Sunshine State, it’s fair to say that old mate Maroons fan would much rather be sitting in a licensed venue chewing schooners than sitting in a playground supervising his grandkids. Dressed head-to-toe in maroon clothing, including a fetching pair of maroon cargo shorts, and reading a Rugby League magazine, it’s fair to say he’s not interesting in what little Jimmy is doing on the swings. 

The main presumption from most observers at the playground was that the man was just “getting a few credits in the bank with the missus” so he could spend the remainder of the afternoon at the local Leagues Club drinking XXXX Gold and counting down the minutes until tonight’s kick off. According to one mother, “he had his nose stuck in that magazine and his game face was almost on”. 

Another parent at the park said, “he was like a cat on a hot tin roof. The sooner that bloke had an ice cold schooey in his hand the better.”