A young bald man from Macleod has launched a petition for the creation of an emoticon for bald blokes under the age of 60. Hugh Yeomans is a follically challenged 28-year-old who bit the bullet one year ago and just shaved it all off. 

Since that acceptance of defeat, Yeomans has noticed that there is essentially no bald emoticon for anyone under the age of about 60. All he has for a reasonably accurate depiction of his hair situation is this:

In response to this inequality, Yeomans has launched an online petition to emoticon makers to cater for the relatively large portion of the population that is males under 60 with male pattern baldness. Explain his position, Yeomans said, “it’s just not fair. I mean I’m stuck in a rock and a hard place aren’t I. I choose the young bloke with hair and I cop it for being delusional. I choose the ancient old grey bloke and cop the usual bald jibes that I always get. I, in fact all of us bald dudes, deserve better.”