Watsonia man Rick Hollingsworth has used his food blog to declare Noodle Station dim sims the greatest in the world. The declaration has sparked a lively debate amongst Australian/Asian food lovers, and opened the divide between those living north and south of the Yarra River. 

Fans of the famous South Melbourne Market dim sims have dismissed Hollingsworth’s claims, with many of them flooding his Twitter account with vitriolic snobbery and baseless claims. Undeterred by the backlash, Hollingsworth has returned fire, imploring these critics to “pull their head out of their arse, head north of the Yarra and try a Noodle Station dim sim for themselves.” 

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle yesterday, Hollingsworth said, “it’s like any kind of brand name that gets ahead of itself. The product isn’t necessarily better than its competitors but people rely on brand reputation. While the subsequent personal attacks directed at me have been hurtful, they do show that these people have something to be defensive about. 

“I quizzed all of them on whether any of them had ventured to the Watsy Noodle Station and none have replied in the affirmative. One of the trolls, Matt Anderson, couldn’t even get the suburb right, he kept calling it ‘Wantirna’ while trying to ridicule my claims. But I have sampled many a South Melbourne Market dim sim, so am in a much better position to judge the two products. I challenge any of these so-called experts to a blind taste test so they can choose which is the best.”