With an increasing number of individuals and organisations claiming to be “live tweeting” from events, it seems like it’s time to let you all in on a little secret. While the term “live tweeting” supposedly excites the audience, it’s pretty much exactly the same thing as just “tweeting”. 

Think about this for a second. The Watsonia Bugle says to you that it will be: 

  • “live tweeting” from next weekend’s Watsonia Wombats footy game
  • “tweeting” from next weekend’s Watsonia Wombats footy game. 

What’s the difference between these two statements? Absolutely nothing. Tweeting, by its very nature, is about sharing thoughts and messages in an instantaneous manner. Maybe even live.

Note: We will not actually be tweeting or live tweeting from next weekend’s top of the table clash between the Watsonia Wombats and the Bundoora Bandicoots. But we wish the Wombats well.