An avid tomato sauce enthusiast from Diamond Creek has arguably escalated things a little too quickly by adding the popular condiment to his morning Weet-Bix. Tom Holland is well-known amongst family and friends for adding tomato sauce to pretty much everything, but even they think he has taken it too far this time.

Holland drew wide criticism from his friends yesterday after posting an image on his Instagram story of tomato sauce all over his Weet-Bix. According to one friend, “he’s a bloody idiot mate, I used to cringe when he squirted sauce sachets into his Slurpees but this is just way too far”.

However, Holland remains unrepentant, telling The Watsonia Bugle this morning, “I can do what I like really, it’s not like I’m forcing people to eat it. And how do they know it doesn’t taste good, I bet they’ve never even tried it!”