The new double strength Jim Beam cans are just what society needs … or not. The same company that tries to convince us that Mila Kunis drinks their product, is now trying to accelerate the drunkeness of its customers in some kind of misguided attempt to serve the people. 

Apart from the factual inaccuracy of claiming that the cans are double strength (normal cans are already 1.4 standard drinks and the news cans are 2.0 standard drinks), social analysts are questioning whether bourbon drinkers need to be any more loud and obnoxious than they already are. While the supposedly better value offered by the heavier cans will appeal to the presumably lower socioeconomic market segment that consumes pre-mix bourbon cans, experts have condemned the new product, fearing it will only lead to more problems in society.

According to social analyst Ken Donaldson, “in a society riddled with drinking problems, the last thing we need is to add more alcohol into already heavily consumed products. We’ll just have more drunkards roaming the streets, it’s a nightmare.”