A Greensborough man has reacted angrily to recent taunts directed at him for being an adult wearing a footy jumper at an AFL match. Chris Taylor was attending the Richmond vs GWS game on Sunday afternoon when he reportedly became the subject of abuse from revellers at a local pub. 

Taylor, himself on the way to have a few post-match drinks at the same pub, got into a verbal stoush with the revellers, before taking to Facebook on his way home to deliver a scathing and pointed defence of his fashion choices. Responses to the post were mixed, yet Taylor has told The Watsonia Bugle that he feels as though has struck a blow against the growing sentiment that adult footy fans shouldn’t wear their team jumper to games. 

The Facebook post was thus:

I’m sitting on the train on my way home from the footy and I’m angry and dismayed. While this is not the first time a Richmond supporter has felt this way on their way home from a game, this time my feelings are not due to any on-field actions or performances. You see, after today’s game, I headed down Swan Street for a few post-game beers with a few mates. As we passed a pub, a few lippy blokes started potting me for wearing my beloved woollen Tigers jumper, complete with the VFL and Esso logos. These parasites said a few things like “how old are you mate?” “adults shouldn’t wear footy jumpers to the game?” and “grow up you man child!” 

These wankers were sitting there drinking their craft beers, stroking their chinos and didn’t have a hint of yellow and black on them, probably because GQ magazine told them those colours aren’t in this season. Well I tell you what boys, it’s footy season, so yellow and black is always in! I wear my footy jumper to the game because I want to show my colours. You same tossers who say I shouldn’t wear my jumper to a game are probably the same pillocks that wear NBA jerseys around town, from god knows where, from teams you’ve probably never seen live, from towns you’ve probably never been to. And yet that’s okay. You probably chose that singlet because you like the player’s “swagger” and religiously follow his Instagram account. 

Well I tell you what, I’ve been wearing this jumper since before the inventors of Instagram were even born. And I don’t give a stuff what you tosspots with your perfectly coiffed hair and your tightly knitted cardigans think of me. I wear this jumper because I love my club and I love wearing their colours. I always have and I always will! YELLOW AND BLACK!

For the record, we salute you Chris Taylor. Good on you for standing up for what you believe in … albeit while sitting on a train and tapping away madly on the keyboard of your phone.