Bananaman is reportedly shopping himself around a host of entertainment executives in London to discuss the potential of a comeback series for his wildly successful television show. Bananaman was the subject of a 1980s cult classic of the same name, where a dorky little kid called Eric Wimp from the back blocks of the United Kingdom would miraculously transform into a superhero after eating a single banana, and would then fight crime in an entertaining and amusing manner.

The initial series ran from 1983 to 1986, and then received significant replaying into the lounge rooms of Australian children up until the early 1990s. While some insiders say that the show’s premise has dated poorly, especially the sinister super villain General Blight who bares an uncanny resemblance with Adolf Hitler, Bananaman believes that his story has currency in the 21st century and claims to already have a number of high-profile producers ready to be involved in the new series. 

While Eric Wimp is now a middle aged father of three living in a world where bananas can cost in excess of £2 a kilo, he insists that the fruit still has a transformative effect on him, and that he regularly fights crime in his local area. When contacted by The Watsonia Bugle, Bananaman said initial talks had been positive, but refused to answer the question of how he successfully fought crime in boots made from banana peels, a traditionally slippery item.