The Megan behind the infamous “BE MEGAN” graffiti on a prominent fence in Greensborough has broken her silence to reveal the motivations behind her actions. The young woman requested that her surname not be printed, due to legal reasons, but was able to supply evidence to The Watsonia Bugle that she was “the Megan” who sparked the recent suburban feud taking place on a residential fence that backs on to Andrew Yandell Reserve and receives daily exposure to the busy St Helena Road.

The fence in question was initially defaced with the slogan “BE VEGAN”, which caused a minor stir amongst local residents until Megan really pushed the boat out and sparked a full-scale graffiti war. Creeping up to the fence late one night, Megan artfully turned the “V” in vegan to an “M” as her own bold protest against the seemingly harmless attempt to promote veganism in the Diamond Valley. 

While most motorists passing the sign thought that the change was simply a creative adjustment of lettering, Megan told us that it was simply a convenient coincidence and that she changed it because she’s a passionate carnivore who wanted to stand up for her beliefs. She said, “I drove past that vegan sign for a few days and then just had enough. It was so preachy, that I knew I had to act. All of my friends and family know I’m a passionate meat eater, so I knew there’d be underground support for my change to the graffiti.”

Megan, who lists her favourite drink as a “stras smoothie” and sprinkles grated beef jerky on her Weet-Bix instead of sugar, received a flood of support after the initial posting of “BE MEGAN”. However, after hearing two strangers at her local butcher talking about the sign, she decided to make the message more explicit. Megan said, “these two blokes were talking about the sign and asking who this Megan could be. It was then that I realised most people would have no idea that Megan is essentially code for being a dedicated carnivore. So I changed the message to something a bit clearer.” 

Megan’s upgraded “EAT MEAT” slogan received popular acclaim from passing motorists before recently being painted over, presumably by the council or the residents who live on the other side of the fence. Or, who knows, maybe the vegans are preparing to return fire on the now blank canvas. Only time will tell…

Thanks to loyal Bugle reader Justin for bringing this feud to our attention and sending us the photos. 

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