Local residents are keenly awaiting this week’s edition of the Diamond Valley Leader to see if they drop any more delicious puns like they did last week. Regular readers of the local newspaper were left in hysterics last week after a headline on the front page read “Mum bytes back over slow NBN service”. 

The clever substitution of the word “bytes” for “bites” in an article that was loosely about megabytes was a red hot zinger. The play on words received popular acclaim across the Diamond Valley, with one resident saying “it was bloody hilarious, real funny”.

Some residents have said they hope the clever headline is a precursor to a new editorial direction for the Diamond Valley Leader, similar to the amusing NT News which regularly publishes clever headlines with the aim of amusing its readers. For example, in an article about a woman whose dog was stolen while she utilised a public toilet was headed with “They Stole My Dog While I Was On The Bog“.