Red heads are currently experiencing something of a renaissance due mainly to the high proliferation of attractive rangas on popular TV show Game of Thrones. Previously the scorn of society, red heads are now somewhat less loathsome, with recent news revealing that red headed sperm donors are now in high demand

Yes, despite one sperm bank shutting its doors to flame haired donors back in 2011, sperm banks are now campaigning to attract more gingers into the caper. Some news outlets credited Ed Sheeran and Prince Harry for this sudden demand, but we here at The Watsonia Bugle know the truth. 

Game of Thrones boasts a solid cast of sexy rangas, both male and female, including Sheeran himself in a recent episode. The existence of characters Sansa Stark, Ygritte and Tormund Giantsbane has turned the tide for carrot tops. For that we say well done, and lucky winter has come so you don’t have to slip, slip and slap so hard.