Watsonia man Gareth Tadner has launched legal proceedings against the patent owners of the term “GPS”, claiming he has been navigating via “Gareth’s Positioning System” way back in the halcyon days of the paper Melways. While legal professionals doubt Gareth has a solid case, he is adamant that he originally coined the term “GPS” as an acronym for his sublime navigation skills. 

According to Gareth, “I’ve actually been using the term ‘GPS’ for over 20 years now, and have multiple friends and family members who can vouch for it. I have a natural flair for navigation, and can find my way all over Melbourne without any of those pesky online mapping services, so I’m essentially the original GPS by name and by nature.” 

A key piece of Gareth’s case will hinge on the origin of GPS, which some sources trace back as far as 1957 when the Soviets were launching Sputnik spacecraft. Unfortunately for Gareth he wasn’t even born then, making it very difficult for him to mount a solid case with the patent office.