A local psychologist has finally managed to have the condition of “Loser Denial” listed in the reputable Vaughn Medical Journal. While the condition was first made public in the 1995 cult classic film Billy Madison, it has taken over 20 years for it to be given official recognition in the medical industry. 

The Greensborough-based psychologist behind the recent listing, Dr Grant Findlay, said it has taken him over five years of lobbying Vaughn Medical Journal to have Loser Denial recognised and now openly discussed within the medical fraternity. Dr Findlay said, “I had a bad case of Loser Denial myself back in High School, and felt that official recognition of this illness would help sufferers to seek appropriate treatment, accept their social standing amongst their peers, and improve their standard of living.”

Dr Findlay also encouraged people to come forward with any concerns about the condition. He said, “like a lot of conditions, the first step to recovery is acknowledgement of the problem. From there, you can commence treatment.”