Jean Claude Van Damme has reportedly hit rock bottom after appearing in the world’s most sexist ad campaign. The Belgian movie star has popped up in the latest instalment of Ultra Tune’s bizarre ad campaign featuring collagen injected, silicon enhanced, bimbos who get themselves into a variety of absurd binds due to their dimwittedness. 

The campaign has been so odd that some pundits claim it has put gender equality back 50 years. Therefore, Van Damme’s involvement, albeit for presumably a fistful of cash, seems to be evidence that his career has hit rock bottom. 

At one point, probably in the 1990s, Van Damme was one of the most famous men on the planet, triggered by his appearance in the cult classic film Bloodsport in 1988. However, this latest blemish is not the first time he has made an error on Australian shores. 

It is Melbourne folklore that Channel 10 newsreader Stephen Quartermain stood toe-to-toe with Van Damme after a disagreement they had in a nightclub at some undisclosed time in history. The broad-shouldered Quartermain reportedly took the points against a man world-renowned for his ability with his fists and feet. While that incident did wonders for Quartermain’s reputation, Van Damme’s took a bit of a hit, kind of like that time he turned out for Ultra Tune…