A local retailer is currently stocking an odd neon banana light that has a very strong resemblance to a penis. While the retailer, based in Greensborough Plaza, generally stocks a wide array of useful homewares, this lamp is a bit much. 

The alarmingly phallic outline of the lamp has caused many customers to have a double take as they walk the aisles, not to mention the awkward questions children have been asking their parents about the product. If you were to purchase one, we can only hope that, over time, the bright yellow colouring doesn’t fade and take on a more fleshy hue.

The Watsonia Bugle visited the leading retailer yesterday to ask customers what they think about it. The most frank response came from John of Watsonia who said, “it looks like a bloody giant knob doesn’t it? But I tell you what, if mine was that big I’d probably want to light it up and show it around too!”