An old bloke in Greensborough has been confused by the main image on the front page of this week’s Diamond Valley Leader, claiming he’s unaware of the occupation conducted by the man in the photo. While the newspaper didn’t drop a red hot zinger like it did the previous week, it has managed to open a generational divide, with confusion arising over why a cafe worker needs to wear a leather apron, flannelette shirt, and a large beanie.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, 64-year-old Greensborough man Bob Davidson, said “when I first saw the paper I was pleased to see that a blacksmith had opened on Main Street Diamond Creek. When I read the caption and it said he worked in a cafe you could’ve struck me down with a feather. A farrier, a sawmill foreman, a glass blower maybe, but I never would’ve guessed a cafe worker.”

Davidson was also confused as to why a cafe worker would need a beanie for a mostly indoor working environment, suggesting he’s also an avid Bugle reader. He said, “I guess it’s just a generational thing. My kids are always calling me an old fossil, but I’m just an old fashioned sort of fellow. I like my blacksmiths cleanly shaven, my lumberjacks bearded, and my coffee instant.”