A suburban Indian restaurant is reportedly unimpressed with Channel 9 making a live cross to discuss a gastro outbreak at a neighbouring aged care facility, as the restaurant’s name could be clearly seen in the background of the shot. The TV network chose to camp outside the affected aged care facility this morning for their broadcast, but carelessly included the “Bombay By Night” sign in the frame, inadvertently implicating the otherwise innocent restaurant in such an unsavoury subject matter. 

Indian cuisine already has a somewhat unfounded reputation for causing gastro-like symptoms in some diners due to the spicy nature of the food proffered, making this coverage even more damaging for the restaurant. A spokesman for Bombay By Night said, “this is totally unacceptable by Channel 9, can they seriously tell me that the framing of their cross wasn’t deliberate?” 

Channel 9 were unavailable for comment.