Following yesterday’s announcement that Jobe Watson will be hanging up the boots at the end of the season, the AFL moved swiftly this morning to announce that this year’s parade of champions will be a convoy of Toyota Taragos, such is the growing number of notable retirees. Before the AFL Grand Final each year, a cavalcade makes its way around the MCG with all the retired stars from the year sitting in cars provided by the League’s main sponsor.  

Watson’s announcement joined the likes of Luke Hodge, Sam Mitchell, Nick Riewoldt, Matt Priddis, Matthew Boyd and Dennis Armfield to retire at the end of 2017, and Steve Johnson joined them this morning, meaning the AFL had to think on its feet to provide vehicles that can accommodate such a vast number of players. And look no further than the dynamic people mover that is the Toyota Tarago, a real 1980s special – when families were bigger and 4WDs were purely for off road activities. 

A mouthpiece from Toyota explained, “this choice of vehicle has a real synergy with the guys who will be riding in it, as most were born in the 80s, just like the stylish Tarago. That model of car is the perfect symbol of longevity offered by our brand. Plus we’ll be able to fit at least six players to each vehicle and they’ll get around the ‘G no problem.”