Widespread public mystery surrounds the placement of a witches hat on top of the public toilet on Watsonia Road, with locals speculating when, how and why it came to be in its current lofty position. Anecdotally it seems to have been perched on the roof for at least a couple of days but, as yet, nobody has come forward to claim responsibility for the placement.

The bulk of the mystery seems to surround the method of placement, with multiple theorists swapping between as least one of the following methods:

  • Really tall person.
  • Person on their tippy toes.
  • Person on another person’s shoulders.
  • The incredibly skilful bottle flip technique.

According to one local, “it’s a bloody mystery mate, an absolute riddle. I reckon it’s one of them bottle flip thingos. That craze has swept the globe and now it’s made its way to Watsy!” 

For the record, we also like to imagine it got there thanks to some kind of late night, alcohol-fuelled, epic bottle flip. Good on you you mystery bottle-flipping boozehound, not all heroes wear capes.