An Eltham man has made the bold claim that NBA Jam will still be better than the upcoming NBA 2K18, set for release on Tuesday 19 September. Ads for NBA 2K18 have started to pop up online, with the impressive graphics causing many people to have a double take, wondering if the video is actually real footage of an NBA game. 

However, excitement building for the release of the new game has been lost on Ben Oliver who told The Watsonia Bugle, “forget about that new fandangled game mate, nothing beats getting on the old Sega Mega Drive and getting a bit of BOOMSHAKALAKA going on! None of them fancy CGI games can match the pure rush of launching over an opponent, doing a quadruple somersault, then slamming home a dunk that sets the net on fire.” 

NBA Jam was initially released in 1993, and gathered a cult following throughout the 1990s as gamers revelled in the opportunity to execute audacious dunks, push opponents over without having a foul called, and get “on fire” – a coveted state of being that could only be attained if you scored three times in a row without anyone else scoring. When we suggested to Oliver that he should at least wait until he had played a few games of NBA 2K18 before making his decision he just said, “nup, I won’t bother. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”