While The Watsonia Bugle prides itself on being something of a high brow publication that focuses on the big issues of the world, occasionally news comes across our desk that needs to be shared due to the apparent importance it holds for our community. Such as the news that, after an extensive poll of the populace, Watsonia’s preferred term for a poo log is “King Kong’s Finger”. 

The survey, conducted last month, included a variety of questions designed to better understand the preferred vernacular of our area. Over 200 residents responded to the survey, and an overwhelming 83% chose King Kong’s Finger. In second place with 8% of the votes was “Brown Snake”, followed by “Bog” (7%) and “Dookie” (2%). 

How this outcome effects our community we’re not exactly sure, but it seems we have at least four dedicated Green Day fans living in the area, and telling someone you’ve just stepped on a brown snake may not have the same meaning to all people. If you have any other suggestions that you feel haven’t been fairly represented in the survey results, feel free to add them to the comments of the Facebook post relating to this article.