In a real win for the little guy, the colloquial term “anothery” has officially entered the English language. In a Press Release sent out last night, the esteemed McWazza Dictionary announced that it would be including the innovative term in its next edition, due for release in October.

The official recognition of the term is a real fillip for colloquial Australian English, and acknowledges the efficient economy of words adopted by many everyday Australians. The McWazza said the official listing for the new word would be:

anothery (noun)

A beer, of any size, consumed consecutively after an earlier beer has been consumed – e.g. an additional beer.  

The economy of words provided by the term originates from the fact you can simply say to a group of friends you a drinking with, “anothery?” and they can easily nod in agreement or shake their head in disagreement. Therefore, the entire question and answer transaction can be conducted with the utterance of just one word.  

We salute the McWazza for this ground-breaking addition, and welcome you to add any other suggestions in the comments section of the Facebook post relating to this article.