The witches hat flipping craze that has taken Watsonia by storm has seemingly spread to Greensborough, with two witches hats spotted this morning on top of street signs next to Willinda Park athletics track. Speculation abounds yet again around the method used to place the witches hats on their lofty new perch, and questions are also being asked whether the same culprit is responsible for all of these placements. 

The witches hat on top of the public toilet block on Watsonia Road remains, as seen below:

One theory circulating around the Diamond Valley since the sighting this morning is that the hats were placed there by those pesky Northern Football League umpires who use Willinda Park for their training – when they practice running backwards and blowing their whistles really loudly. One local behind that theory had this to say, “yeah mate I reckon it was those umpies for sure. They’re a strange bunch, and they don’t get out much, so they’ve got their fingerprints all over this one.”