The mysterious witches hat sitting on top of a public toilet on Watsonia Road, first brought to public attention by The Watsonia Bugle last Friday, remains perched in its lofty position overlooking the main street of our fair suburb. While it sits there, theories continue to swirl around the community regarding when it was put there, who put it there, why it was put there and, most importantly, how it was put there. 

So far, the local council has not returned our calls enquiring about the accidental art installation, with some conspiracy theorists claiming that it is being deliberately left there as it is drawing new visitors to Watsonia. A man who only identified himself as “Daz”, seen walking past the site, told us “yeah mate, visitor numbers have been way up this week, as people flock to see the witches hat and ponder how and why it got up there. Local businesses have been doing a roaring trade all week ‘cos all these visitors need to eat and drink once they get out here, so they drop in for a quick feed before going home.” 

If Daz is right, maybe the witches hat is here to stay? Could it become the landmark that really puts Watsonia on the international stage? We all know that Coffs Harbour has the Big Banana, Nambour has the Big Pineapple, and Glenrowan has the giant Ned Kelly. But surely there’s more to Watsonia than a cleverly placed witches hat on a public toilet? Only time will tell…