A longtime Whittlesea resident has referred to Greensborough as “The Big Smoke” in a conversation with mates at the Royal Mail Hotel in semi-rural Whittlesea. The conversation, overheard by a group of day-tripping Greensborough residents caused widespread chuckling throughout the main bar, with even the man’s mates questioning the comments.

The man who made the grand statement, Dean Summers, stood by his claims when contacted by The Watsonia Bugle yesterday. He said, “yeah mate, bloody oath it is. They’ve got a big shopping centre, the traffic’s a nightmare, and all the people there carry on like they’re so sophisticated. Not to mention having the holy trinity of takeaways – McDonalds, KFC and Red Rooster. That screams ‘city living’ to a humble country lad like meself.”

When questioned about the suburbanisation of Whittlesea in recent years, Summers remained resolute in his position. He replied, “yeah I know it’s changed a bit out this way in the last 10 years or so, but we’re still a proud country town. Heading in to The Big Smoke is not an enjoyable experience for me, but sometimes it’s a necessity, or just to go and see what the wankers think is fashionable these days.”