Watsonia man, Donald Trunt, has officially contacted the deed poll office to request a name change. He took the extraordinary step after months of the heckling and abuse from close friends, complete strangers, and casual acquaintances. 

37-year-old Trunt has been aware of the similarities of his name to Donald Trump for most of his life, but since Trump won the presidency of the United States of America, Trunt has copped a level of abuse and criticism incomensurate with his daily life. The initially unoriginal, and eventually plain annoying, “you’re fired” taunts now seem quite manageable in comparison to being blamed for everything that is going wrong with the western world at the moment. 

And with the potential for a world-ending nuclear war getting closer by the week, Trunt says the scrutiny surrounding his name similarity has increased. He said, “I’ve just had enough, so it’s time to do something about it. I’m not gunna sit around and wait for the outcome of this ‘biggest dick competition’ between Donald and Kim Jong-un before I change my name. It was a hard decision, but I really like the sound of my new name: Donald Stone. It’s strong, it’s bold, it’s unflinching, and it sounds absolutely nothing like Trump!”