Following a brief ceasefire in the lively fence-based battle between vegans and meat eaters in Briar Hill, a new slogan has been scrawled across the prominent palings on St Helena Road. As reported in The Watsonia Bugle last month, what started as a simple pro-vegan slogan of “BE VEGAN”, morphed into a number of different incarnations, including “BE MEGAN”, and the much more direct “EAT MEAT”.

In recent weeks the latest slogan had been painted over, presumably by council, and peace had descended on the valley. But yesterday, loyal Bugle reader Matt contacted us to tell us that the latest shot had been fired in the escalating conflict. The new slogan boldly reads “EAT RISSOLES” in a clear sign that Briar Hill’s most passionate meat eater is getting more specific. 

When we spoke to Megan, the self-proclaimed “meataholic” who scrawled the original pro-carnivore slogans, she claimed responsibility for latest shot, telling The Watsonia Bugle, “I just felt the need to get more specific. When this whole thing started I went for the abstract “BE MEGAN”, before getting more specific with “EAT MEAT”. And what could be more proudly carnivorous than the rissole? It’s an unknown combination of various cuts of meat, mixed with other ingredients and seasoning, and is quite an accessible food item for the average man – cost-effective, easy to cook, and absolutely delicious.”