In another clear sign of the influence The Watsonia Bugle now yields in this town, our article posted earlier today has essentially saved Richmond Captain Trent Cotchin, and cleared him to play in this Saturday’s AFL Grand Final. Our exclusive article about Cotchin’s proposed defence of any charge following his collision with Dylan Shiel last weekend, gained quick traction online, rapidly spreading to AFL House, where it was reportedly read by some of the game’s biggest decision makers. 

So, just one hour after we shared our article on Facebook, news broke that Cotchin had been cleared by the MRP. The reach of our initial article was quite impressive, reaching our top-10 most read articles just one hour after its release. In the article, Cotchin revealed that he would argue that he was merely trying to pick up a piece of discarded chewie from the hallowed MCG turf

Considering Cotchin’s undoubtable reputation as one of footy’s genuine good guys, the defence was solid. According to one anonymous AFL insider, “a few of the head honchos got a whiff of the Bugle article and quickly realised they had no case. For a league constantly trying to defend the reputation of our players, the AFL loved that story of Cotch picking up rubbish in the change rooms. So they couldn’t exactly go and shoot Bambi just two weeks later. Go Tiges!”