The ongoing fence-bound saga, currently being dominated by carnivorous Megan, seems to have spread beyond the Diamond Valley, with a copycat attack being spotted from CityLink in North Melbourne. The bold slogan screams “PORK 4 PRESIDENT”, and while the font is nothing like the one favoured by Megan, it’s obvious she is the inspiration. 

While we recently reported that copycat attacks were likely to pop up around the local area, we are impressed with this one that is no doubt being viewed by thousands of motorist every day as they ferry themselves into Melbourne’s CBD. Any attempts to get Megan’s opinion on the slogan have failed to this point, but we imagine she’ll be bursting with pride. 

When we last spoke to Megan, she said, “copycats are more than likely to come out of the woodwork, but that’s fine. Thanks to The Bugle, everyone knows that I was the original crusader.”