After arguably the saga’s most publicised week, council attempted to shut down the anti-vegan movement by yesterday painting over the most famous fence in the Diamond Valley. However, the clean fence lasted less than 12 hours, with a new slogan appearing this morning telling local residents to “HUG YOUR BUTCHER”. 

Local man, Justin, the Bugle‘s number one informant, contacted us this morning to alert us about the new slogan. Not long after his message, we received a brief phone call at Bugle HQ from an unknown number. The voice was unmistakably Megan’s, and she said, “the silent hero in all this has been my butcher. His rissoles were the inspiration for the popular ‘EAT RISSOLES’ slogan, and I just thought it was time to show him some love.”

While she was reluctant to name her butcher, due to her ongoing concern of being identified by authorities, she insisted that he operated in the local area and that he gave her a big hug this morning when she stocked up with meat for the weekend. She said, “he’d seen the new slogan on his drive to work this morning. He loves this stuff, reckons it’s driven sales up by 20% in the last month. He deserves it.”