In response to today’s article in the Herald Sun about her one-woman rampage against veganism, Megan has contacted The Watsonia Bugle to inform us that we will continue to be the only news source she will speak to about the ongoing saga. Megan’s call, from an unknown number, came through to our office at lunchtime today, and she also sought assurances that we had protected her identity when speaking to the Herald Sun – which of course we had done. 

Also during the brief call, Megan officially claimed responsibility for the latest “SAY NO TO TOFU” slogan, and insisted that she would continue to push her cause despite regular interventions from the local council and, now, the widespread media coverage. She told us, “I won’t be silenced on this. If anything, seeing my work on the homepage of the Herald Sun today has emboldened my stance.” 

Despite being subtly pleased by the increased coverage, Megan did take issue with the headline chosen by the Herald Sun: “Vegans, meat lovers face off in fence graffiti spat”. Megan said, “to me, I’d say ‘face off’ suggests something of a fight. But the vegans only ever put one slogan up and then I’ve dominated them ever since. We’ve hardly ‘faced off’, because I’ve really taken over.”

Megan then abruptly finished the call with a blunt warning to those trying to track her down. She said, “tell them all to end this witch hunt. The Bugle is my news service of choice.” And then she hung up. We love you Megsy.