The Diamond Valley’s most dedicated carnivore, known only as “Megan”, has changed tack in the lively fence-based warfare between vegans and meat eaters after her previous slogan of “EAT RISSOLES” was painted over earlier this week. The freshly painted fence only lasted a day, before Megan replied with a more pointed and aggressive “SAY NO TO TOFU” which first appeared on the fence yesterday. 

Again spotted by keen Bugle readers last night and this morning, the new slogan is seen as a more direct criticism of vegans and vegetarians, rather than just a defiant support of being carnivorous. While Megan was unavailable for comment today, the slogan is almost undoubtedly hers, due to the now familiar font used to scrawl it on the fence. 

Keen observers are now left to ponder where the conflict will go from here, considering we haven’t actually heard from the pro-vegan supporters since their initial post of “BE VEGAN” many weeks ago. Will Megan just continue to wage a one-woman campaign in support of her carnivorous tendencies?

In light of the most recent slogan, conspiracy theories have started popping up around the area. One of the most prominent suggests that Megan has shares in the council’s paint supplier, but we don’t believe that – it’s too cynical for a pure carnivore advocate like our Megan. Another suggests that it is just The Watsonia Bugle in an attempt to keep creating their award-winning journalism? We can confirm that that is not the case – even though we just used consecutive “thats” in a sentence (which screams “award-winning”). 

Either way, be sure that our roving reporters will continue to keep us up-to-date with any new developments, and we’ll keep reporting the news to the people.