It’s finals time for many local footy leagues, which means we are likely to see a significant increase in social media activity in the coming weeks. This weekend sees the Division 3 decider in the Northern Football League between Banyule and South Morang, the first of many local Grand Finals that will encourage both players and fans alike to up their social media presence. 

Blokes who you didn’t even know played footy will be popping up on your newsfeed with a medal around their neck from god knows what level of park footy. Not to mentions girlfriends who are most likely attending their first game for the season but will be using hashtags like #proud #myboy #wedidit.

Facebook and Instagram have reportedly opened a brand new data centre in the US to cope with the September spike. Snapchat has also boosted their processing power, but say they are expecting more traffic on the subsequent Mad Mondays, as local footballers either celebrate or commiserate at the end of their long seasons.